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Page 3: What is disability?

The word disability is very broad in meaning. There are many types of disability. Hearing impairments are the most common disability in the UK.

Key Facts

  • Around 16% of working age adults in the UK have a disability.
  • Around 1% of the working age population uses a wheelchair.
  • Only 50% of disabled adults are in employment. By comparison, 87% of non-disabled adults have jobs.
  • Only 17% of disabled people are born with a disability.
  • 100,000 people acquire some form of disability each year.

There are several models of disability: medical, charitable, social. Each model influences the approach an organisation might take to issues of disability.The traditional model is a medical model, viewing disability as an illness. The charitable model suggests people with disabilities 'need help'.

Lloyds TSB promotes the social model of disability. This model is based on the idea that it is society not disability that creates barriers for disabled people. Through the reasonable adjustment programme, Lloyds TSB has created an environment in which disabled people are given the necessary tools and assistance to work effectively. This means that all employees with or without disabilities can be productive in the workplace.

To demonstrate its commitment to disability, Lloyds TSB supports wider disability initiatives, such as the RNID's Louder than Words charter (a best practice charter for organisations striving to achieve excellent levels of service and accessibility for hearing impaired people). The Lloyds TSB Foundations support disability charities such as Disability Information & Support based in Blackpool, by providing a large grant to support the charity”s work in offering advice to disabled people in the North West. Lloyds TSB Foundations also supports Changing Faces, a charity that helps children, young people and adults who have facial and body disfigurements.

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