Using skills to respond to the external environment
A Logica case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Businesses do not operate in isolation. They are constantly faced with internal and external factors that impact on the dynamics of their operations. Monitoring the external environment is vital to identify changes that could affect the business operations. Being able to address and adapt to these changes ensures the longer term survival of the business. Logica is an innovative IT services...
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Page 2: Political factors

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Business decisions may be influenced by political factors. For example, recent public sector budget cuts by the UK government and increased university fees are affecting the education sector. For students this has meant making key decisions about how they intend to pursue their careers. This in turn has meant that academic providers need to review how they will meet the challenges of generating...
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Page 3: Economic factors

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Economic factors change rapidly and are sometimes difficult to predict. The global economic recession has affected how most firms conduct business, perhaps by looking for cost-savings or reducing waste. As businesses focus on areas where efficiencies can be made, some might choose to outsource functions to reduce costs, rather than employing people with specialist skills. This has created...
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Page 4: Social factors

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Social factors reflect the constant change in society’s interests, beliefs and actions. There are now different working patterns available which allow men and women to balance work and life commitments better. New technology is driving faster and more integrated forms of communication - 25 years ago the mobile phone was just an evolving concept; the personal computer and internet were just...
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Page 5: Technological factors

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The speed of technological advances means that existing electronic equipment, IT processes and systems will quickly become dated. To remain competitive a business must ensure that its processes and systems support innovation and creativity for itself and its customers. Logica has embraced recent advances in technology to offer its clients the most advanced and sustainable services...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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The external environment in which businesses operate changes very quickly. Political, economic, social and technological changes all put pressure on organisations. Logica is a global business that provides innovative solutions in data and systems management for its clients, helping their organisations to respond to external factors. The nature of the work that Logica can offer an employee is...
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