Using skills to respond to the external environment
A Logica case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The external environment in which businesses operate changes very quickly. Political, economic, social and technological changes all put pressure on organisations. Logica is a global business that provides innovative solutions in data and systems management for its clients, helping their organisations to respond to external factors. The nature of the work that Logica can offer an employee is both challenging and stimulating.

Logica 17 Image 5Exploiting opportunities

By monitoring and auditing its own external environment, Logica has also been able to adapt its business to maximise efficiency and exploit opportunities. This has been done through adjusting its service offering to utilise advancements in technology and drive improvements to IT services for clients. In addition, Logica has been proactive in dealing with the political and social influences that have affected the educational landscape. It now offers a variety of entry routes into the business, such as apprenticeships, sponsored degrees and graduate programmes.

The business has created long-term career development opportunities for young people. Logica is also actively addressing the shortage of females within IT. 28% of its recent intake of graduates was female. This is a significant improvement on the industry average of just 16%. Logica hopes to increase this further through its IT clubs in schools, which further promote the exciting and varied career opportunities available within the industry.

Logica | Using skills to respond to the external environment