Using skills to respond to the external environment
A Logica case study

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Page 2: Political factors

Business decisions may be influenced by political factors. For example, recent public sector budget cuts by the UK government and increased university fees are affecting the education sector. For students this has meant making key decisions about how they intend to pursue their careers. This in turn has meant that academic providers need to review how they will meet the challenges of generating income.

Logica identified that these changes in the educational landscape could have an impact on the number of potential employees with the skills and competencies that it requires. For example, it had to consider the affordability of higher education for students and how this could influence long-term development opportunities within the company. The increasing cost of becoming a student may restrict the social mobility of talented individuals and they may then need to consider alternative routes to gaining qualifications and experience.

Sponsored training programmes

Logica 17 Image 1Logica has therefore reviewed its workforce planning. It has now engaged in strategies to ensure it has enough workers with the right skills both now and in the future. To address the changes in the educational landscape, Logica has introduced apprenticeships and enhanced its graduate scheme. Logica has embraced the strategy of direct training as it provides the company with a new pool of talent, with the focus on individuals who have decided to specialise in IT or Computer Science. This is why Logica has embarked on creating Level 3 Apprenticeships in 2012. This widens the range of talented young people that Logica needs and supports the organisation’s long-term commitment to career development of its employees.

Also, in 2007 Logica launched a three-year sponsored degree programme with the University of Winchester. The degree programmes BA (Hons) Business Management and BA (Hons) Business Management with IT attract applications from students throughout the UK. These degrees allow students to combine academic study with on-the-job learning. Students spend one day a week studying on campus and four days a week working at Logica. Logica pays the course fees as well as offering students an attractive salary from day one. Upon graduation they can further develop their professional career within Logica.

As part of its sustainable focus, Logica has also responded quickly to government initiatives on climate change and reducing emissions. For example, it has been involved in the government’s new Cycle Hire Scheme in London. It secured the contract for the major IT components with Serco, the contractor responsible for designing, building and operating the system. Logica’s role is central and focuses on the design and build of the simple-to-use payment system. This is supported by a back office function.

Logica | Using skills to respond to the external environment