London 2012 - achieving the vision
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Page 5: Objectives in action

The London 2012 Games have a particular emphasis on engaging young people. London 2012 has pledged to inspire children and young people all around the world. One of the ways in which LOCOG is delivering on that promise is through the official London 2012 education programme, Get Set  

The Get Set programme gives children and young people the chance to learn about the London 2012 Games and the Olympic and Paralympic Values. The programme is driven by an interactive website with a range of flexible resources for 3-19 year olds. The use of new media and digital technology brings the Games to life in schools and colleges across the UK. Some of the objectives of Get Set are to:

  • provide young people in every school and college across the UK with the opportunity to get involved in the 2012 Games, through being part of an exciting education programme
  • support the promotion of the Olympic and Paralympic Values through the Get Set website. This contains games, resources, videos and a series of sponsor-led programmes all providing links to the Olympic and Paralympic Values
  • place young people at the heart of the process, involving them in project design, development and delivery. The Get Set team regularly consults young people to make sure that the programme meets their needs 
  • showcase and celebrate examples of interesting, inspiring and innovative practice. For example, on the Get Set website there are a series of maps which provide stories and illustrations of what schools across the UK are doing in relation to the Olympic and Paralympic Values
  • provide opportunities for committed schools, colleges, children and young people to be rewarded, recognised and endorsed for their hard work by encouraging schools to join the Get Set Network. This will create a network of schools and colleges working on projects inspired by London 2012 and the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

The education programme is directly helping to meet LOCOG's objective of 'maximising the economic, social and health benefits of the London 2012 Games'. LOCOG can measure the success of the education programme through the number of schools, colleges and young people registering on the Get Set website and comparing this against targets that have been set.

 View the Get Set website and get involved in the excitement and inspiration of the Games

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