London 2012 - achieving the vision
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Page 3: Values

LOCOG's values represent what the organisation stands for and reflect the spirit of the Olympic ideals. Its values are interconnected: 

Values can affect:

  • who LOCOG chooses to do business with
  • how it carries out its activities
  • the behaviour of the people that work for the organisation.

For example, LOCOG's values provide a quality standard of how the organisation will achieve its goals. They also provide a clear statement of intent to anyone joining the organisation that this is how they need to behave to keep to the spirit of the Games. It is therefore vital that all the people involved in the planning and delivery of the London 2012 Games understand these values. By demonstrating these values in their work, LOCOG employees will be able to experience the spirit of the Games and achieve its vision.

The organisation's values also affect the management styles employed within the company. For example, if LOCOG is managing the health and safety of large numbers of people at an event, it is appropriate to use an autocratic management style. This is because health and safety issues need clear instruction that everyone must follow without question. However, LOCOG's values of being inspirational, open and respectful mean that for many areas of its work, it will be able to use a democratic style where people can contribute ideas and discuss best solutions.

Effective communication and consultation between LOCOG and its stakeholders and partners will also help to ensure that everyone will see that its actions are driven by its values. These stakeholders range from young people in schools to sponsors and partners. London 2012 is using new media applications to reach its external stakeholders and has even set up a Twitter account. TV and media campaigns are also important to ensure that LOCOG gets its messages across. LOCOG employees find out what is happening through a variety of means. These include its intranet site (The Knowledge ), an internal newsletter known as Inside and weekly team meetings. These provide an opportunity for the whole organisation to come together and hear presentations on the work taking place.

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