Driving forward a business start-up
A Marconi case study

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Page 3: Using the power of the Marconi brand

In the event, the solution to the rebranding exercise did not require much thought. The name Marconi is known throughout the world. Most school students and adults know that Marconi pioneered the radio, and the name Marconi has very strong positive associations in the world of communications.

The wireless is the foundation of modern communication systems and in the public imagination, Marconi means communications. Marconi thus became the new name of the focused communications business in November 1999. Because the scope and strategy of the new venture was so different from the previous organisation, Marconi likes to think of this phase of development as being - 'the world’s biggest start-up'.

Product differentiation involves clearly setting out the differences between your own products and those of rival products and businesses. Successful product differentiation will give a company an edge over the competition. Using the Marconi name and brand has enabled the company to achieve this edge. Marconi is able to draw together the threads of the past with those of the future. The strength of Marconi’s past is based on its history, solidity and reputation. Coupled with this, managers have sought to create a new dynamic set of values based on being nimble, fast, adaptable and entrepreneurial.

Marconi has developed a dynamic new logo which represents this change. The logo combines the movement of the hand written M based on Marconi’s original signature with elegant blue letters stressing the combination of past strengths and future vitality.

Marconi | Driving forward a business start-up