Getting the right message across - the re-launch of Mars
A Masterfoods case study

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Page 9: Evaluation

The exercise can be judged a success if the Mars bar's market share and reputation is increased and enhanced. In addition, the market needs to become broader with more women and young people as purchasers. The loyal fan base would also need to be retained and built on.

So what happened?

Coverage of the re-launch appeared in all major newspapers and almost 100 regional paper and radio stations including key coverage on Sara Cox's Radio 1 Breakfast Show. TV interviews also involved the main channels. Further human interest stories were picked up in the national press including a granny who received 101 Mars bars for her 101st birthday, and an antiques dealer who is buying up pre re-launch stock as collectors' items. The value of these communications was estimated at £2.5 million; equivalent to airing over 100 ads on TV.

Independent research evidence indicates that the public relations activities created over 100 million opportunities for the public to see, hear or read about the 'New' Mars bar.

Audited sales figures show that Mars bar sales increased 20 in the 6 weeks after the re-launch. Mars was able to take its biggest share of the national chocolate bar market for six years.

Masterfoods | Getting the right message across - the re-launch of Mars