Getting the right message across - the re-launch of Mars
A Masterfoods case study

Page 2: Public Relations

PR is the planned and sustained effort an organisation makes to establish, develop and build relationships with its many publics. It involves providing clear, consistent and positive communications with people outside the organisation, including:

  • consumers
  • customers
  • the community
  • the government
  • other special interest groups e.g. nutritionists, health associations, the British Dental Association.

PR is designed to build on, and improve the public perception of an organisation, product or service. It can be deployed to support both longer-term brand building or short-term sales promotions. Public relations activities include:

  • working with various media to disseminate news
  • sponsoring sporting and cultural events
  • managing (and resolving) issues that potentially can affect negatively the reputation of the brand or organisation.

Masterfoods | Getting the right message across - the re-launch of Mars


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