Growing a brand through portfolio management
A Masterfoods case study

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Page 5: Results of the Dolmio relaunch

Masterfoods 4 Diagram 2To assess the results of the new campaign and the success of the new members of the product portfolio, based on extending the brand, Dolmio collected a great deal of market research information which was both quantitative and qualitative. Such feedback is invaluable to any organisation aiming to satisfy its customers.

The value of sales in 1997 showed an explosive growth rate, far above expectations, as did the volume of sales. However, a crucial consideration here is the switching and incremental sales analysis. Clearly, simply switching business from other Dolmio lines is no good. To be successful, the growth has to be achieved by encouraging more consumers to buy sauces more frequently.

Dolmio retained the market leadership in 1997 and grew a market share to 37% compared to supermarket own brands with 28% and the leading branded competitor with 18%. A key feature has been the repeat purchase figures. This is very dependent on the product performance, such as quality of ingredients and ease of use. Persuading consumers to try a new product can be difficult enough, but if it is to be a long-term success, they must develop a pattern of repeating purchases.

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