Growing a brand through portfolio management
A Masterfoods case study

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Page 3: The product portfolio

Masterfoods 4 Image 3The Dolmio relaunch was based on the development of a broader product portfolio through extending the brand to take advantage of its popularity and strength in the market-place. It retained and improved the Dolmio Sauce for Bolognese with additional varieties including extra ingredients, such as extra mushrooms or extra garlic and onions, to offer the customer a greater choice.

In July 1996, Dolmio Stir-in sauces were launched to increase the use of pasta in the preparation of quick and easy meals. The sauce is stirred into pasta that has already been cooked. These ‘coating’ sauces have become one of the fastest growing parts of the market. (The Stir-in/Pesto sector grew by 65% in 1997 to be worth £28m.) As Dolmio introduced new varieties, this sector grew accordingly.

The third member of the product portfolio family is Dolmio Pasta Al Forno. This range provides yet another way of preparing a pasta meal by adding the sauce to pre-cooked pasta and then baking it in the oven. Although essentially a very simple and quick cooking process, ideal for the busy homemaker with children, it was recognised that producing a bubbling dish straight from the oven was rewarding to consumers and could be used to reinforce the idea of family meal times.

Finally, Dolmio developed Dolmio Pasta Sauces for more inspired meals, aimed at the slightly more confident cook. These were designed to be used with or without meat, straight from the jar or as a base which consumers can customise by adding their own chicken, fish or vegetables. Dolmio’s aim was to offer a full range of products that could satisfy more meal occasions, from traditional to inspirational, from a family meal to a special occasion for adults. To enable the launch of so many new lines, eight old lines needed to be discontinued.

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