Developing a customer focused sales strategy
A MFI Furniture Group case study

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Page 9: Empowerment

Employees in the branches are empowered to resolve complaints immediately, from an apology (which most businesses forget!) to a cash/goods allowance. The minority of complaints not resolved at this level may require the intervention of the General Manager or Sales Manager.

In addition to MFI's code of practice and customers' statutory rights, MFI has adopted other institutions' codes of practice in support of the products and services offered. For example, Qualitas, the Furniture Industry's standard organisation and FIRA, the Furniture Industry Research Association are industry-recognised bodies offering their own hallmark for quality and service, guaranteed by codes of practice which any member organisation must adopt. MFI is a founder member of Qualitas and has its product quality checked and approved by FIRA. MFI's philosophy is to make it as easy to complain as possible.

"MFI encourages complaints"

By doing so, MFI can identify what is going wrong quickly and prevent it from happening again.