Developing a customer focused sales strategy
A MFI Furniture Group case study

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Page 5: The team

Mfi Furniture Group 2 Image 5Sales staff are in the front line and the impression they create through the way they perform is vitally important. Their role is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the entire sales process. Sales staff are only one part of a large team involved in ensuring customer satisfaction. Internal customerssuch as Sales Support Staff, Store Designers, Administrators, Product Designers, System Designers are also involved in satisfying customers and are vital to the success of the organisation.

MFI firmly believes that everybody within the organisation has an important role to play. Service is not exclusive to Sales Staff and Customers. The quality of service received by external customers is determined by internal customer relationships. This approach helps to encourage teamwork, makes everybody within the organisation focus upon customer care and supports a Total Quality Management ethos.

Total Quality Management is supported by a method known as Continuous Improvement Process Management which allows all employees to contribute towards customer satisfaction through a system of continual review and action.

Continuous Improvement is a process which tries to ensure that a quality approach to service is not just a one-off device designed temporarily to improve service levels, but is a continuous programme built into every area of the business and helps to emphasise that all employees within the organisation are part of a quality chain which begins and ends with MFI's customers.