Health & Safety in the modern workplace
A MFI Furniture Group case study

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Page 6: Risk assessments

Each MFI store is provided with a file of safety information including risk assessments, guidance documents, training overheads etc. which is known as the Risk Assessment Folder. In addition, a Health and Safety Documentation File is also supplied which is used to keep all records of staff safety training, safety bulletins, equipment checks by contractors and visiting service engineers.

To ensure all managers can clearly identify and remember the safety standards which must be maintained in each store, MFI also supplies a safety audit document which sets out the details and prioritises requirements under the four section headings of Fire Safety, Documentation, Warehouse Safety and Showroom Safety. This document is also used by external safety auditors to check the stores' Health and Safety standards during an annual (unannounced) safety audit of every store. This audit is 'scored' across the four sections, using different priorities listed (A, B or C) as a marking mechanism. A percentage score is calculated for each section and an overall percentage for each store.

Each store is expected to carry out checks regularly and to monitor performance. All MFI employees are expected to participate in making the checks and recording the results in order to involve everyone in good Health and Safety practice. MFI's Safety Department has also devised questionnaires to check on the current understanding of employees at any one time.

Examples of unsafe practices which employees are instructed to avoid include:

  • jumping off fork lift trucks before they come to a halt
  • climbing up warehouse racking, rather than using airport ladders, to pick customer orders
  • handling heavy boxes incorrectly
  • stacking shelves incorrectly or overloading
  • leaving items on the floor where people might trip over them.

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