The rebirth of the MGF
A MG Car Company case study

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Page 3: Brand strategy

Mg Car Company 2 Image 4The development of the MGF provided the opportunity for Rover Group to re-enter an exciting sector of the market, where it had not been represented for many years. Branding is, in itself, a form of product differentiation, which communicates quickly and effectively to consumers a great deal of information about a product.

From the early stages it was realised that the MG branding was a mixed blessing. On the one hand it provided many public relations opportunities, but the downside was that it might encourage people to look to the past rather than to the future. It was vital that the branding process was forward looking and concentrated as much on the product as it did on the MG marque.

Given the nature of the product it was recognised that dealer marketing of the new MG required a special approach. For the product to be successful it required special handling by a strategically positioned selective and enthusiastic network which could seek out new customers and deal thoroughly with their requirements. It was planned that all launches, including that in Japan, would be undertaken within a 6 month window when exposure to the brand was at a peak.

MG Car Company | The rebirth of the MGF