The rebirth of the MGF
A MG Car Company case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Detailed work on the launch of the MGF started soon after the programme to develop the product was approved! The strategy needed to recognise that the introduction of the MGF was more than a new model launch; it was the revival of a famous motoring marquee which would attract world media coverage. It was important to create an awareness of the product to provide dealers with the chance to pre-sell the car. Pre-launch objectives were:

  • to achieve clear brand positioning
  • high profile exposure
  • demonstrator/display cars at dealerships for launches
  • co-ordinated world-wide approach
  • to optimise PR coverage
  • to optimise sales and profit opportunities
  • for networks to take advance orders.

No business can remain static. Following the successful launch it is not a case of ‘we have done it, that’s it.’ The launch of the ‘Heritage’ Programme helps to develop the bespoke values of the MG tradition and will provide customised cars to emphasise the marque values. Rover also has to carefully evaluate the success of the MGF and consider how to develop its sports car strategy in conjunction with BMW.

In 1995 the MG brand was reborn. It has come back not just because those who remember the MG have yearned for its return, but also because of the commitment of the project team involved in developing it. A project team of 30 engineers and technicians spent three years bringing the car into production. Over that time they changed location on three occasions. Their reward has been the building of a car with a character to revive the marque and to provide customers with what they set out to build, quite simply: ‘The World’s Most Enjoyable Car to Drive’.

MG Car Company | The rebirth of the MGF