Business aims, objectives, and values
A Michelin case study

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Page 2: Michelin Values

Every organisation benefits from establishing a set of values that encapsulate its basic principles and beliefs. These values shape relationships within the organisation and also between the organisation and the various groups and individuals that the organisation meets.

The development of the Michelin Group is based on five values:

  • respect for Customers
  • respect for People
  • respect for Shareholders
  • respect for the Environment
  • respect for Facts.

The Michelin Performance and Responsibility Charter explains these values to help managers and employees better implement them in actions and decisions.

Respect for Customers

The very core of Michelin's mission is the long-term satisfaction of its customers. The development of the company has been founded on high quality products and services and customer-focussed innovation (4,000 research and development staff are employed worldwide).

Respect for People

Michelin intends to continue its global expansion through the development of mutually beneficial relations with its employees, its industrial and commercial partners, public authorities, non-governmental organisations, the media or local communities where the Group operates.

Respect for Shareholders

This means fully recognising their role and the investment risks they take by ensuring a sufficient level of operating profits and delivering proper and reliable information on the company.

Respect for the Environment

This involves the development of increasingly environmentally-friendly products and services, the implementation of an environmental management system at all production sites and the promotion of efficient end-of-life tyre recycling solutions.

Respect for Facts

This value demands objectivity and intellectual honesty, above and beyond opinions and preconceived ideas. For example, when Michelin develops its tyres, it puts them to the test in real world conditions. This is testing the facts. This pragmatic attitude is applied in all the activities of the company.

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