Respecting stakeholder values
A Michelin case study

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Page 5: The wider community, society and the environment

Copyright: MichelinWorld leaders have become very aware of the concerns about the planet we depend upon. Pollution is a danger to all nations. The pressure is therefore on global businesses such as Michelin. National and world agencies are demanding more. The whole world is a stakeholder in the actions of Michelin.

The company takes great care to assess the business' 'environmental footprint'. It produces the world's first 'green tyre'. Through research and development, Michelin has focused great efforts on improving the impact of its tyres. By making improved types, Michelin adds to better fuel economy. By making longer-lasting ones, there is less drain upon natural resources. This applies in all markets.

At the end of a tyre's life span, what happens to the waste product? Michelin has found that used tyres are a secondary resource. They can be usefully re-cycled. Michelin works with other firms to develop sustainable recycling networks.

At every stage in the supply chain, Michelin works to reduce the ecological impact of its operations. For instance, 90% of the Group's production in tonnage was produced in ISO-14001 certified plants in 2004.

For all societies, safety of pedestrians and road users is a government issue. Michelin was the first tyre manufacturer to sign the European Charter for Safety because it shares such concerns. Between 2004 and 2010 the mutual aim is to reduce the number of deaths on European roads by 50%.

One way Michelin contributes to this objective is with its 'Fill Up With Air' events held every year in at least 20 European countries. This initiative raises drivers' awareness of the importance of regular tyre pressure checks on road safety. These social and wider concerns affect us all. It is vital that Michelin not only acts, but also is hands-on in teaching everyone. Whether we are speaking of pollution and global warming, or safe road use and car performance, Michelin tries to engage with everyone.

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