Developing competitive advantage through customer service
A Morrisons case study

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Page 3: Measuring customer service

496_deli_landingMorrisons measure its customer service in a number of ways. Quantitative measurement often takes place through exit surveys in every store each month. Qualitative measurement often takes place through methods such as mystery shops, which allows the gathering of customer opinions and comments.

The ‘Morrisons miles’ card rewards regular petrol station users who collect points from fuel purchases with shopping vouchers to spend in-store. This helps to retain loyal customers by rewarding them regularly for repeat purchases.

Morrisons focuses on customer service through an initiative called ‘HOT’ which stands for ‘Hello, Offer, Thank-you’. The focus of ‘HOT’ aims to bring Morrisons’ colleagues and customers closer together with its principle aim to: ‘Establish rewarding experiences which create an emotional relationship between the customer and the store.’

The 'HOT' philosophy

The ‘HOT’ philosophy is applied by all colleagues at all stores to deliver higher quality and industry-leading customer service. Colleagues are encouraged to talk and integrate with customers to deliver a truly personalised customer service experience - ‘chat as you stack’ and ‘talk as you walk’.


The communication and training programmes for the rollout of such an initiative can be expensive. The benefits of creating an environment where colleagues have been well trained to deliver great customer service, far outweigh the associated costs. Colleagues that are engaged and committed to deliver great customer service will ensure that customers receive a better quality service.

Morrisons | Developing competitive advantage through customer service