Creating the right marketing mix
A Motorola case study

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Page 5: Promotion

Motorola imagePromotion includes all of the techniques that a company uses to communicate with other individuals and organisations. Companies like Motorola send communications and consumers receive them.

An important avenue for communication is advertising. Advertising is referred to as 'above the line' promotion. Other types of promotion such as special offers and discounts are referred to as being 'below the line'.

The type of promotion that is used depends on the stage in the product life cycle. For example, when a new product is launched, such as the RAZR, it makes sense to make people aware. Advertising will communicate the desirability, emotional benefits and exclusive features of the product.

Motorola works in close partnership to promote its phones with retailers. Promotion costs are shared with retailers. The more retailers sell - the more Motorola is able to help them.

Motorola | Creating the right marketing mix