Creating strategic direction
A Mott MacDonald case study

Page 1: Introduction

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In order to grow, a business needs to develop competitive advantage. This means that it is different or does things better than its rivals. This is known as differentiation. Differentiation helps an organisation to develop a unique business strategy.  Managers need to make strategic decisions that create the right direction for their businesses. Decisions by senior managers at the top of a...
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Page 2: Mission

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All organisations need to have a purpose for the business. This is called the mission. A mission is a broad statement that identifies the long-term direction of a business. The mission helps to emphasise how different the business is from its competitors. The mission informs a company”s business objectives. It becomes a focus for the whole organisation and helps to ensure long-term...
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Page 3: Vision

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A mission sets out the purpose of the organisation. A vision describes what the business wants to become and seeks to inspire its staff. Mott MacDonald”s vision is 'To be the consultant of choice in our global marketplace'. For Mott MacDonald to become the consultant of choice, it has to set high standards that are achievable. In setting high standards, Mott MacDonald aims to be better...
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Page 4: Values

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An organisation's values are the guiding principles that influence its activities. Values show how the organisation expects everyone within the business to behave. Mott MacDonald's values follow the acronym PRIDE: Progress: Mott MacDonald”s activities create progress as its projects seek to improve the living standards of local communities and the well-being of the planet. It aims to...
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Page 5: Strategy and objectives

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Mott MacDonald operates a rolling strategic plan that looks ahead over a five-year period and is updated every year. The five-year plan is an example of 'top down' planning it sets targets and the direction for the company”s business units. At the same time, the business units contribute to the planning process from the bottom-up through their annual business plans. As Mott MacDonald is...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Mott MacDonald's mission, vision, values and business objectives influence how it carries out projects. Mott MacDonald has positioned itself as consultant of choice for both customers and employees. It promotes investment in and development of its people to achieve its business objectives. Because it is an employee-owned business, everybody within the company is free to contribute their...
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