Creating strategic direction
A Mott MacDonald case study

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Page 4: Values

An organisation's values are the guiding principles that influence its activities. Values show how the organisation expects everyone within the business to behave.

Mott MacDonald's values follow the acronym PRIDE:

  • Progress: Mott MacDonald”s activities create progress as its projects seek to improve the living standards of local communities and the well-being of the planet. It aims to promote sustainable development in its projects and to lead the development of the various professions in which it works. For example, Mott MacDonald's energy team helped a chemical factory in China drastically reduce its carbon footprint by treating its HFC-23 emissions to cut the equivalent of a colossal 4 million tonnes of CO2 every year.
  • Respect: Mott MacDonald recruits staff from markets around the world. It respects the local customs and cultures of the countries it works in and encourages all staff to respect each other regardless of background or origin. It encourages diversity in its workforce, benefiting from its employees' range of skills. For example, the specialist expertise of pharmaceuticals staff in India and Ireland is used to help on similar projects in the Middle East this is a vital part of the company”s global strategy.
  • Integrity: Mott MacDonald promotes ethical behaviour. This means it only promises its customers what it knows it can deliver. Consequently, its customers are satisfied and not disappointed. It seeks to ensure that its communications are accurate and takes full responsibility for all aspects of its work, including promoting health and safety and sustainability.
  • Drive: 'Drive' involves exceeding expectations. Mott MacDonald aims for continuous improvement. It benchmarks its performance against competitors. This helps it to exceed the targets it has set for customer satisfaction. For example, in 2006 it achieved a rating of 8.2 out of 10 for Responding to Customer Needs, compared to 8.1 in 2005 and 7.8 in 2004
  • Excellence: Mott MacDonald wants its activities to be associated with excellence and innovation. In 2007 Mott MacDonald won over 50 awards for its roles on projects demonstrating innovation or excellence. One of its projects, the Manchester Civil Justice centre, has won 10 awards for its contribution towards sustainable building design including the Major Project of the Year at the inaugural Green Construction Awards.

PRIDE demonstrates the culture of the business. Mott MacDonald relies on its employees to fulfil its business objectives. Its culture helps employees to be responsible for their own development. This leads to growth of the people and the organisation.

Corporate responsibility

As part of its culture, Mott MacDonald also seeks to be a corporately responsible company. Part of this includes supporting sustainable business practice, such as reducing its carbon footprint.  Employees of Mott MacDonald take the lead on many sustainability issues in projects they work on.

As a company Mott MacDonald:

  • recently published its first Corporate Responsibility Review (CSR) which highlights initiatives to be worked on in the future and how the group seeks to achieve its corporate aims in a responsible way
  • is setting targets to use less energy and paper in all of its offices
  • is reducing business travel by using video and telephone conferencing
  • is reviewing its energy supply contracts to find suppliers who support good environmental practice.

Mott MacDonald | Creating strategic direction