Creating strategic direction
A Mott MacDonald case study

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Page 3: Vision

A mission sets out the purpose of the organisation. A vision describes what the business wants to become and seeks to inspire its staff. Mott MacDonald”s vision is 'To be the consultant of choice in our global marketplace'.

For Mott MacDonald to become the consultant of choice, it has to set high standards that are achievable. In setting high standards, Mott MacDonald aims to be better than its competitors. Mott MacDonald's vision has two key elements - consultant of choice and operating globally.

Consultant of choice

Mott MacDonald has four key stakeholder groups - existing customers, future customers, existing employees and future employees. Mott MacDonald wants to be 'consultant of choice' for both customers and employees.

  • For customers, it needs to offer a unique mix of skill, expertise and customer focus. This helps to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Mott MacDonald operates in many market sectors and offers expertise in two that set it apart from many of its competitors health and education.
  • For employees, Mott MacDonald needs 20% more technical staff every year. It must compete to recruit the most able people. It seeks to achieve this by showing existing and potential employees that it offers a more attractive career path than other consultancies.

Global marketplace

Mott MacDonald has its headquarters in the UK but operates across the world. For example, local managers run the businesses in India and North America. This means that local experts can meet local needs, and are also able to call on global skills and experiences.

A project may need the experience of different consultants from around the world. For example, UK based consultants set up the first phase of the metro system in New Delhi. They supported and transferred knowledge to local managers. The local managers then ran the second phase of the project.

To achieve its vision Mott MacDonald constantly develops its people to create the business capability its customers need.

Mott MacDonald | Creating strategic direction