The first electronic stock market
A NASDAQ case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Nasdaq 7 Image 1The Nasdaq Stock Market® is a world famous stock market, based in the US. Nasdaq® uses computer and telecommunications networks to trade and monitor thousands of listed stocks, sometimes also referred to as securities. It was the first stock market in the world to trade electronically, as opposed to people dealing from a trading floor in a physical location. Today, Nasdaq’s systems handle over 60% of all share dealing volume and value of shares traded in US publicly listed companies.

Nasdaq’s vision is to create a truly global securities market, without geographic boundaries or time limits, that will put leading companies in contact with a broadening pool of investors worldwide. Nasdaq continues to expand globally, there is now a market in Japan, a trading platform in Canada and plans to introduce a market in Europe.*

Business purpose

The traditional function of a stock exchange is to provide a central market place in which companies that wish to raise money are put in touch with individuals and institutions that have funds to invest. One of Nasdaq’s principal roles is to offer companies the opportunity to grow by raising capital. Companies wishing to raise money can issue new shares that are sold to investors through the market. Stock markets mainly facilitate the exchange of shares; when existing shareholders sell their shares to whoever wants to buy them, usually with the aim of making a profit on their investment.

NASDAQ | The first electronic stock market