The first electronic stock market
A NASDAQ case study

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Page 5: The role of technology

Nasdaq 7 Image 3The Internet offers instant global communications. In an increasingly globalised market place, companies often seek to raise capital worldwide. Investors are also becoming less
concerned about national frontiers and capital movement is now increasingly more international. The barriers to the free flow of capital are becoming a thing of the past. Investors are now better informed about investment opportunities in other countries.

Investors need information in order to make more informed investment decisions. The Internet and other communications-based technologies enable individuals to gain fingertip access to large quantities of up-to-date information. The Nasdaq web-site, is heavily used as a source of information. Averaging 7 million page views per day, is one of the most heavily trafficked investor sites in the world, offering high quality information to potential investors and existing shareholders. The site profiles Nasdaq’s listed companies by providing key information, e.g. historical charts showing relative share performance, reports on companies and consensus analysts’ recommendations of whether to buy or to sell.

One of the most unique ways in which Nasdaq communicates information about its market is through the Nasdaq MarketSiteSM, located in Times Square, New York. The MarketSite Tower soars eight storeys high and is illuminated with video market highlights and Nasdaq's unique LogoTicker™. This identifies listed companies by their most recognisable symbol: their corporate logo. MarketSite features a high-tech interactive exhibition centre and a broadcast facility that is popular for live broadcasts on market activity. Top US television broadcasters such as CNN and CNBC among others, regularly use the facility to provide market updates.

NASDAQ | The first electronic stock market