Developing skills in a large organisation through training and development
A National Grid case study

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Page 4: Off-the-job training

This is any form of training which takes place away from the immediate workplace. Off-the-job training includes more general skills and knowledge useful for work, as well as job-specific training. Training may be provided by specialist trainers working for National Grid or by an outside company hired to help with training. Off-the-job training is particularly effective for non-technical skills, as employees can use these across different areas of the company.

Induction training

Both apprentices and graduates receive induction training. One of the induction modules for graduates is a project that aims to accelerate their understanding of the whole company and introduce them to the behaviours required for working in business teams.

It provides many opportunities to learn about and explore four core competencies:

  1. Managing oneself. Trainees learn tools and techniques to help their self-development through managing their time effectively, meeting deadlines and targets and building other personal capabilities.
  2. Working with others. Trainees develop leadership and influencing skills, learn to better listen to and respect others, build team spirit and understand personal differences within the team.
  3. Business and strategic awareness. Trainees learn and analyse the company's strategy and the commercial environment in which it operates.
  4. Planning to achieve. Trainees improve their skills in data gathering and interpretation, project management and creative problem solving.

Health and Safety

In addition, Health and Safety is an essential part of training at National Grid, whether employees perform their work in an office or outdoors in the field. National Grid passionately believes that all workplace injuries and incidents are preventable. The company constantly emphasises the importance for all employees to ensure their own safety, the safety of their colleagues and the public as well as the safety of the company's networks. The company's Road to Zero programme is in place to help the company achieve its target of zero injuries every day. National Grid's Golden Rules are a fundamental building block for its Road to Zero programme. They focus on critical areas of the business where safe behaviours are essential to safeguard employees and the public. They cover behaviours that will prevent the most serious injuries.

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