The use of social media in promotion
A National Trust case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

National Trust 17 Image 1All marketing activity needs to be tailored to reflect a business’ target audience. It also needs to be able to show return on investment. For a non-profit making organisation like the National Trust, ensuring its promotional activities give value for money is critical.

The use of social media aims to improve public perception, but the Trust’s campaigns have also shown savings in time and money. For example, each recruitment campaign by the Trust used to take about 53 days and cost around £2,400 per person hired. By using social media, costs have now been reduced to about £800 per person hired and the time taken to recruit is down to 42 days.

By using social media as a key part of its marketing campaigns, the National Trust is able to reach one of its key target audiences – young people – more easily and can convey its messages in a format that suits the audience.

To help it achieve clear brand awareness through its campaigns, the Trust has devised highly structured guidelines to ensure all its campaigns and activities are carried out to the same high standard, whether for promoting Trust properties to potential members or for recruiting potential applicants.

Image ©National Trust Images/Arnhel De Serra

National Trust | The use of social media in promotion