Sponsoring the Nationwide Football League
A Nationwide case study

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Page 4: Why sponsorship?

Nationwide is a large brand with a high profile. There are Nationwide branches in the area of every team in the League and many football supporters are also Nationwide customers. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to target key consumer groups by television advertising alone. This is due to the increasing number of television channels and the consequent fragmentation of the target group. ‘Channel hopping’ during the advertising break can also mean that messages are not successfully transmitted to the consumer.

A key element in any form of promotional activity is to ‘maintain’ your target’s interest in a product or brand at all times. Both the coverage and frequency of a message are key elements in its transmission. Sports sponsorship helps to achieve this as the advertiser’s message becomes part of the event - in advertising around the ground, the use of the name in TV messages and in the publication of the results in the newspapers. The Football League play-offs at Wembley also help to provide Nationwide with the opportunity to ‘switch into the event’ over a focused and relatively lengthy period.

Nationwide | Sponsoring the Nationwide Football League