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NATS is a global air navigation provider. Making sure all flights have a safe landing and take-off is part of its responsibilities.

NATS manages the world’s busiest section of airspace as well as the busiest single and dual runway airports in Europe and the Middle East. Its systems and people manage over 6,000 flights a day through UK airspace – over 2 million a year – safely and efficiently. NATS-managed flights experienced delays of just 7.3 seconds per flight in 2011, around 1/10 of the European average.

NATS offers and operates a range of services in 28 countries. A key function is to manage runways and airspace through Air Traffic Control (ATC). NATS also provides consultancy and develops solutions for operational, economic and environmental issues, engineering infrastructure and software, defence services and training. Its customers include airports, airlines and aviation authorities.

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