Managing change to meet market challenges
A NATS case study

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Page 5: Conclusion

Nats 20 Image 4In preparing to meet future challenges and to remain ahead of the competition, NATS is innovating in how it will deliver ATM services in the future.  It recognises that it needs to attract new skills to complement the skills that exist in order to support the organisation grow as its overall demographic evolves.  Managing the changes that the organisation will undergo over the next 5-10 years is an exciting chapter in NATS history, with fundamental changes to its underpinning technology and to ways of working that will enable it to better serve its customers in the future,. However, it will only be successful if all aspects of change, people, process and technology are managed both systematically and flexibly.  NATS recognises this and invests heavily in equipping all employees with the skills necessary to make the organisation a success.  NATS is a forward looking company that is aligning itself to a very exciting, if not challenging future ahead.

NATS | Managing change to meet market challenges