Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future
A NATS case study

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Page 3: Communicating with stakeholders

NATS has a wide variety of stakeholders, all of which have their own targets and objectives. NATS recognises the importance of each of them. It also sees the necessity of keeping stakeholders interested and involved to support the company strategy. NATS knows that it is vital to communicate with each of its stakeholder groups. This has to be two way communication, so that stakeholders can discuss issues with NATS and vice versa. To help with this, NATS holds monthly meetings with key stakeholders. These are used to discuss new projects and technologies. One of the aims of NATS is to ensure that any project it completes is ‘future-proofed’. This means it is ready to use new methods and technology when they become available. NATS also holds a number of annual meetings, looking at wider issues such as long-term investment and future business planning.

Communication with the key internal stakeholder group of employees is also a top priority for NATS. There is also one-way communication in the form of information and material produced by NATS for both current and prospective clients.Nats 19 Image 2

NATS has experience in projects around the world, this means that it is able to understand
how different cultures and countries work. When you have worked with clients and projects across all five continents in the world, you learn about how things may work differently in different cultures and environments. NATS shares these experiences with its stakeholders, with total transparency in everything it does. NATS has the capacity to link together every aspect of a project across the world and will work with local stakeholders to consider how it can best provide a total service offering that meets their needs.

NATS’ excellent relationships with the main industry stakeholders means that it can bring airports, major airlines, regulators and local ANSPs together to solve complex operational challenges. This has the positive result that aviation projects run by NATS and its stakeholders are more efficient. NATS has also formed strong partnerships with another key stakeholder group – its suppliers. A range of selected suppliers have proved that they are able to deliver, so are preferred by NATS; these are known as their preferred suppliers.

NATS | Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future