Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future
A NATS case study

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Page 4: Employees

NATS’ people are an integral group of internal stakeholders and NATS’ continued success depends on the strength and contributions of its workforce. For a business to remain a success, its people need to be at the heart of the operation. This, again, is a two-way process. The business wants the best for and from its people, and NATS believe the investment they make into their people is as critical as any other investment they make. Equally, NATS understands fully that people need to feel valued if they are going to be able to give their best and the loyalty and efficiency NATS enjoys is testament to this philosophy. People joining the NATS team know that their voice and opinion will be heard. NATS believes that it gets the best out of people by offering them the best working environment, personal development and career opportunities.

As employees are a key stakeholder in the success of a business, NATS has to ensure it has the workforce requiredNats 19 Diagram 1 for the future. It has a strategic plan to achieve this. One of their current issues is that a large number of retirements are expected over the next few years (see chart).

2000 senior people are expected to retire over the next 15 years, which is over half of NATS’ engineers and over a third of its air traffic controllers. Rather than seeing this as a problem, NATS sees it as an opportunity to invest in the future by bringing in recruits trained in new processes and new technology. New skills and competencies, will lead to increasing efficiency.

To stay as a leading player in its field, NATS needs to innovate to maintain operational effectiveness and a competitive edge.

To attract the best recruits, NATS offers the opportunity for a long and varied career path with high levels of training, opportunities to be involved in exciting initiatives and to making a difference on a global level. NATS’ vision of being a truly global business means employees have opportunities all over the world and in many different fields. The competition for places to train as air traffic controllers is intense, but the possible rewards are worth the effort to succeed. But it’s not just air traffic controllers' that work for NATS, the company has many exciting and varied roles and employees work at the technological cutting edge as part of a truly diverse workforce.Nats 19 Image 3

As we saw earlier, communication is a key part in the relationship with stakeholders, and this is especially true with the employee stakeholder group. With such a diverse workforce, NATS has to ensure that every individual at every level of the company is interested and involved with the company and brand. To achieve this engagement, NATS has a team dedicated to employee communications. There are a number of ways that NATS communicates with employees, including an intranet site which features the latest company and industry news and articles highlighting updates on all the latest projects and how teams are striving for success. Employees are also encouraged to leave comments on the articles.

NATS | Using stakeholder partnerships to maintain success and secure the future