Developing a motivated workforce
A Nuclear Decommissioning Authority case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Jobs can imprison people or set them free. Management and the organisation's culture can determine whether people feel enthusiastic about work or whether they just turn up every day. Every job has the potential to motivate or demotivate.

Motivation affects every aspect of a business organisation. At the most basic level it can increase output and drive down cost. At higher levels, it enables people to be trusted and to take responsibility. It can build teams of people with common agreed goals and give them the self-belief to keep learning as they tackle progressively greater challenges.

NDA in particular operates in an industry where attracting and retaining skilled staff is a top priority. The organisation sees its training and welfare provisions for employees as a long-term investment. Motivation at NDA is not just about working harder, faster or more effectively. It is about commitment to NDA's mission on which the future of the industry and public safety ultimately depend.


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