Meeting responsibilities to stakeholders
A Nuclear Decommissioning Authority case study

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Page 4: Labour law

The Energy Act sets out the responsibility for the NDA to ensure there is an appropriately skilled workforce available to carry out decommissioning and clean-up. The NDA has created Skills Action Plans to ensure that enough employees with the right skills are being trained to carry out this work.

NDA makes sure that all of its employees receive competitive remuneration packages and good working conditions. Particular focus is given to meeting all aspects of employment legislation. For example:

  • The Equal Pay Act, 1970 guarantees equal pay to all employees for carrying out work that is rated as the same, similar or of equal value. This ensures equal pay between men and women
  • The Sex Discrimination Acts, 1975 and 1986 (SDA) involves making sure that there is no discrimination between men and women in terms of recruitment, training, promotion and other aspects of work. All employees have the same opportunities The Race Relations Act, 1976 and Race Relations (Amendment) Act, 2000 (RRA) applies the same principles as the SDA in relation to race and religion
  • The Disability Discrimination Act, 1995 (DDA) ensures that wherever possible employees with disabilities are helped to do their jobs. This includes adapting the working environment where it is reasonable to do so. For example, by providing wheelchair access, adapting computer keyboards and screens (for visual impairment) or other modifications, employees are able to continue working.

NDA seeks to exceed these requirements, so enabling the recruitment of the best possible workforce.

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