Meeting responsibilities to stakeholders
A Nuclear Decommissioning Authority case study

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Page 2: Stakeholders and business legislation

The main objective of the NDA is to take responsibility for the decommissioning and clean-up of the UK's public sector nuclear legacy. Decommissioning is the final phase in the life cycle of a nuclear installation. The term refers to all activities from the shutdown and removal of nuclear material (fissile) to the environmental restoration of the site.

Once a nuclear facility has been decommissioned, usually because it is no longer efficient in providing energy, the site needs to be cleaned-up to remove any possible nuclear contamination. Work on nuclear sites is carried out by specialist companies hired on behalf of NDA. These can also sub-contract to deliver efficient work programmes.

NDA manages the contracts to ensure consistency in following safety regulations and efficiency. NDA also works with a range of stakeholders. A stakeholder is an individual or group with an interest in the work of the organisation or who is affected by the organisation.

NDA works within a framework of business legislation to meet stakeholders' needs. For example, any company working for NDA is issued a contract which is subject to contract law. This is an exchange of promises between two or more parties that the law will enforce.

Legislation in the UK governing safety at work and employment comes from three main sources.

UK law is influenced by European Union laws and business activities must comply with EU regulations. The most important law affecting NDA is the Energy Act, 2004. This Act of Parliament makes health and safety, security and the environment NDA's main priority.

The UK government has recently committed itself to a statutory obligation under the new Climate Change Bill. It must reduce CO2 emissions by over 60% from current levels by 2050. In monitoring the impact of nuclear power stations it is important to take these considerations into account. In decommissioning and cleaning up sites, it is essential to consider how clean-up activities will affect the environment. 

NDA's view is that 'no accident is acceptable'. NDA believes that its responsibilities go beyond legal frameworks. In addition to what is necessary under the law, it imposes self-regulation covering every aspect of its operations. For example, employees driving on NDA business must call in to report that they have arrived at their destination safely.

The welfare of the workforce is essential. This includes regular medical health check ups, and careful follow-up on any reported illness.

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