Injecting new life into the product life cycle
A Nestlé case study

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Page 5: Developing a distinct message

In developing Polo through differentiated marketing it has been necessary to do two things.

  • It has been essential to stress the core strengths of Polo
  • It has been necessary to create the character of the variants in their own right.

The Polo's core strengths which have needed to be stressed are:

  • Its unique physical form - it is this which distinguishes Polo most tangibly from other mints.
  • Polo's 'friendly' reputation, built up over many years through humourous advertising.

The core strengths had to continue to be a key part of all Polo advertising. However, in addition to these core strengths it is also important to draw out the distinct characteristics of the variants. Polo have established these as being:

  • Polo Original- the original and best taste.
  • Polo Spearmint - the younger trendier mint.
  • Polo Strong - a smooth strong taste.
  • Polo Sugar Free - the sugar free mint with a hole.

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