Injecting new life into the product life cycle
A Nestlé case study

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Page 4: Target markets

As the market for mints has grown it has also become more diverse. In the past there was only one Polo which was targeted at the general public of mint eaters. There tended to be a single message which was put over through advertising and promotion to this market. Selling to a single market in this way is called undifferentiated marketing i.e. you sell the same product, at the same price, through the same distribution channels, with the same advertising and promotion to an undifferentiated target group.

The new strategy involves widening and deepening this market by using differentiated marketing. This enables the company to alter ingredients of the marketing mix such as where and how it advertises its products, the outlets it sells its products in, and gives it the flexibility to charge different prices for the variants of this where appropriate. To extend the total market for Polo mints each of the products needs its own 'marketing mix' which enables it to be focussed at the appropriate target market. For example, Sugar free Polo's have been advertised in the Women's press, whilst the Spearmint and Strong Polo's have been advertised through posters and more recently in TV adverts.

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