Responding to changing customer requirements: the drive towards Wellness
A Nestlé case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Consumer interest in the nutritional quality and health impact of foods has probably never been greater and for good reason. Governments have been busy 'spreading the message' that healthy foods and a balanced diet are vital for good physical and mental health and a general feeling of Wellness.

Nestlé is one of the world's leading food companies and intends to remain so. Its commitment to high quality market research ensures that it remains fully aware of changes in consumer behaviour and consumer tastes. Its excellent product research and development network ensures that it is well placed to meet the challenge of changes in consumer expectations. The company's Wellness strategy is carefully geared to delivering to customers what they now clearly want in relation to the foods they eat; a high nutritional value and a positive contribution to their general Wellness.

Nestlé | Responding to changing customer requirements: the drive towards Wellness

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