Responding to changing customer requirements: the drive towards Wellness
A Nestlé case study

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Page 5: Implementing the strategy

Having developed a clear strategy, it is important to implement it. Nestlé will look to ensure that going forward all its products retain a superior taste profile while providing enhanced nutritional benefits. This will involve:

i. retain certain products

ii. product reformulations (including salt, sugar, fat reduction)

iii. launching new products with scientifically proven nutritional benefits. Nestlé's product research and development network ensures it is well placed to meet the challenge of changes in consumer expectations. The Company's Wellness strategy is carefully geared to delivering what consumers want in relation to the foods they eat - a high nutritional value and a positive contribution to their general wellness.

This has led to the following three-part strategy:

Clinutren has been formulated for patients with increased energy and protein requirements and supports the nutrition of people suffering from a series of medical conditions or recovering from operations. Fitnesse is a 99% fat free cereal. Sveltesse is a range of low or fat-free products (e.g. yoghurt and fromage frais). Using this approach, over the past five years Nestlé has developed or reformulated over 700 products so that they have a lower fat, sugar and salt content. In addition, the Company looks to educate consumers about healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition. Its initiatives include:

  • the Nestlé Trust supporting a number of initiatives focused on developing nutritional awareness, often these are aimed at young people
  • a website focused on providing nutritional information
  • on-pack nutrition information.

As the Wellness approach is now central to everything that Nestlé does, the company has set up a Strategic Wellness Unit. Its job is to promote the Wellness approach both internally and outside the organisation, so that everyone knows what it means and how to implement it.

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