Sustainability and water
A Nestlé case study

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Page 2: Acting responsibly

Nestlé feels that it has a real role to show a lead in acting responsibly with its business partners, suppliers and customers around the world. Responsible business practices don't just make moral sense; they make good business sense. The company has therefore developed policies and principles to help it meet its general aims of fairness, honesty and concern for people. Its Corporate Business Principles includes all nine principles of the United Nations Global Compact referring to labour standards, human rights, and the environment which are applied throughout the company.

Some of the basic Nestlé values and principles are to:

  • prefer long term development over short term profit
  • develop long term commitments and relationships with suppliers and customers
  • show respect for diverse cultures and ensure operations integrate with them
  • recognise that consumers deserve information about the products they buy and the company behind the brand
  • encourage all employees, led by senior management, to follow these principles by integrating them into Nestlé's business processes.

Nestlé | Sustainability and water