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Page 11: Improving the packaging

Packaging is an important part of any product. The box, bottle or jar that contains a product can mean the difference between good and poor sales performance. Research into packaging design is thus an essential ingredient of marketing.

As Gold Blend has changed, so too has its packaging:

  • 1965 - The original Gold Blend jar was curved with fluted sides.
  • 1982 - Gold Blend was re-launched with the fluted jar being replaced by a smooth-sided jar bearing the first version of the current Gold Blend logo with gold-edged red lettering.
  • 1987 - The square jar was introduced with metallised labelling.
  • 1997 - Gold Blend was re-launched with a unique 'waisted' jar design which has been protected by trademark.

Recent customer research has revealed that the new design for the jar has created the upmarket image Nescafé Gold Blend seeks to maintain. Typical customer comments are:

"It's distinctive and unusual."

"You expect something luxurious and expensive when you pick it up."

"I might even keep the jar afterwards to put things in. It's very attractive!"