The role of training and development in career progression
A Nestlé case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Human Resource Management is a key function in an organisation.Having a flexible workforce with the right skills and qualifications means that a business is better able to respond and adapt to changes in the market.Taking an innovative approach to recruitment and selection ensures that a business recruits and selects the right candidates who can grow and develop with the business.

To date, Nestlé’s strengths-based recruitment approach has benefitted both the company and the candidates applying. It gives young people with limited work experience the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and suitability for a position. By mirroring the company’s commitment to creating opportunities for young people across Europe, through its European Youth Employment Initiative, for example, Nestlé is rising to the challenges within its external environment whilst preparing its workforce for continued growth.

Nestlé | The role of training and development in career progression

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