Developing enterprise skills
A NFTE-UK case study

Page 5: Enterprise

Small businesses are not just about people with remarkable ideas. The students at Norbury Manor enjoyed their experience running their own business. They felt that it had helped them to develop many personal and positive qualities. They felt that by starting up a small business they were being encouraged to take a risk. It also helped them to work as a team. When working in teams they had to get on with each other and time-keeping for all members was particularly important. The students felt that many of these skills and qualities were difficult to develop within the curriculum. They found that they came automatically when they set up and ran their own businesses.

Skills and capabilities

Running an enterprise has enabled students to be:

  • innovative
  • determined
  • passionate about what they were doing
  • develop products that were unique
  • open-minded
  • confident
  • self-critical.

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