Managing risk through effective team-based decision making
A npower case study

Page 6: Conclusion

The success of the UK economy depends on having secure and efficient energy supplies. Each day the challenge is increasing as resources become more scarce. For example, the world's oil and gas reserves are running out. At the same time much of the capital plant that makes up the national grid and many older power stations needs replacing. This creates immense challenges and opportunities for today's graduate engineer. These are exciting times to get involved in engineering.

Engineering provides great prospects for suitably qualified applicants. 

The engineers of today and tomorrow are people who make important and sometimes vital decisions. They have to be problem-solvers who enjoy working with people in teams and with real problems related to materials, processes and equipment. The decisions they make affect our lives. The excitement of a career in engineering comes from knowing that you will develop solutions to problems which haven't yet been thought of. As you can see from this case study, good creative decision making can save millions of pounds and improve environmental and safety performance.

npower | Managing risk through effective team-based decision making



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