The importance of competition policy
An Office of Fair Trading case study

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Page 2: United Kingdom competition law

United Kingdom (UK) competition law is a flexible instrument. With one exception, the legislation is based on the premise that each case should be judged by the actual effect which a practice has on competition and whether it is against the public interest. The public interest has a broad meaning and is not precisely defined in the legislation.

UK competition law involves a range of legislation but at its core there are four principal Acts of Parliament, each dealing with a separate aspect of competition policy.

Fair Trading Act 1973 deals with mergers and abuses of monopoly power in a market.

Competition Act 1980 deals with anti- competitive practices by particular companies.

Restrictive Trade Practices Act 1976 deals with - agreements that restrict persons or companies from competing freely.

Resale Prices Act 1976 deals with attempts to impose minimum prices at which goods can be resold.

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