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Organisations within the oil & gas industry seek to extract resources efficiently, safely and profitably to serve world markets. To do this OPITO has developed standards which help to ensure processes meet these requirements. The industry requires talented and competent employees to ensure these standards are maintained. In order to do this, as well as employing directly, the industry often works with a number of contractors when specialist tasks or increased production demands it.


The industry supports many diverse roles. Not all roles within the industry require technical or scientific skills. Commercial skills are also essential for many of the roles based onshore. OPITO helps to support the industry through its role in workforce planning and skills development, helping to attract the next generation of the oil & gas workforce.

The rate of change within the industry is likely to increase over the next 50 years as the industry extracts oil from ever more challenging reservoirs in the North Sea and across the world. To contend with this rate of change, individuals will have the opportunity to develop new skills and competencies as they engage in the process of lifelong learning. OPITO’s role ensures that the oil & gas industry is capable of meeting future demands.

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