Customer service as a strategy
A Parcelforce Worldwide case study

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Page 2: Business strategy

Businesses have aims and objectives. Aims are the long-term targets of the business. Objectives are the steps that help to achieve these aims. Objectives should always be SMART that is, they should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and set within a timeframe. This enables a business to assess what the objectives contribute to its overall aims and when they will be achieved. Businesses may set objectives to:

  • make the most of something for instance, a business may want to increase growth, sales, profit and customer satisfaction
  • reduce something adverse or unwelcome for example, limit risk or reduce staff absence
  • change the image or culture of the business for example, changing the focus on internal operational issues from speed of service to a focus on customers needs

Business strategies

These objectives help to inform business strategies. By carrying out a SWOT analysis, a business can identify the best strategies to pursue. These strategies focus on different aspects of the business. For example, Parcelforce Worldwide has:

  • operational strategies to improve its efficiency and meet customer needs better
  • promotional strategies to strengthen its brand presence in key markets
  • growth strategies to expand its business outside its core national markets

Parcelforce Worldwide”s strategies have to take account of any changes in the external environment. For example, the parcel delivery industry has consolidated across the world. This means that there are now fewer global players, but each has a relatively larger market share. Parcelforce Worldwide needs to compete with these global rivals. To increase its market share, it needs either to grow its existing business or merge with other parcel delivery businesses.

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