Using the marketing mix to drive change
A Parcelforce Worldwide case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Parcelforce Worldwide”s vision is: 'To be the UK's most trusted worldwide express carrier'. Its simplified range of products and its focus on customer needs have helped towards achieving this goal. Parcelforce Worldwide”s new international product portfolio will allow it to sell services which more closely meet customer needs. Through this, it will win more business and market share as well as retaining its existing customers.

Parcelforce Worldwide now faces the challenge of building on these improvements and operating at sustained levels of profitability. Developing its partnerships will improve this.

By addressing the 4Ps of the marketing mix, Parcelforce Worldwide has been able to establish a new product range, choose the most effective approach to price, place it so that it is easily accessible and promote the range to customers. By responding to external changes, it has improved its market position and can meet potential competition.

Parcelforce Worldwide | Using the marketing mix to drive change