Launching a new product range
A Patak's case study

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Page 3: Product development

Pataks 5 Image 2In addition to developing recipes passed down through the generations by both Meena’s and Kirit’s families, new recipe ideas are constantly being created, all made from authentic Indian
ingredients. The Patak’s range of pastes, for example, were created to preserve the original taste of spices by encapsulating them in vegetable oil. Fresh aromatic spices and fragrant herbs are carefully ground to bring out their subtle and varied flavours and are then blended with oil before being sealed in a jar, creating a convenient paste whilst retaining the freshness of the herbs and spices.

The company’s product range extends from pickles, pastes and chutneys to sauces in jars and cans, ready-made meals, pappadums, ready-to-eat naan breads and chapattis and now includes frozen meals and snacks. Patak’s packaging has been developed specifically to communicate its authentic Indian heritage and to generate greater brand recognition and range differentiation.

Building on success

Successful marketing involves identifying opportunities and then developing products to take advantage of them. Throughout the last quarter of the twentieth century more and more people in this country tried and then became regular consumers of Indian cuisine to the extent that, today, there are more Indian restaurants in London alone than in Bombay and New Delhi combined. As Patak’s became established as a brand name, it was able to capitalise on this growing popularity by selling to people who knew about Indian cuisine - restaurants and regular consumers of Indian food.

Patak's | Launching a new product range