Supporting superbrands: the role of high-tech suppliers
A Pittards case study

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Page 3: Brand partnership - jointly meeting the needs of a changing market place

Almost all of us will have come across Pittards' products, even if we haven't recognised them as such. We see them being used by leading sports players: Colin Montgomerie (gloves and footwear), David Seaman and Philip Cocu (soccer boots).

The sports shoes you wear may well have been supplied by Pittards, along with your leather watchstrap or bag. Pittards seeks to develop partnerships with high quality international brands. Pittards needs to meet the demanding quality levels of these brands and this is reflected in its mission statement which reads:

In partnership with brands

Pittards aims to be the preferred supplier of high performance leather to the world? leading brands of gloves, shoes, luxury leather goods and sports equipment.

We seek to achieve this aim by offering innovative leathers which are differentiated from competing products by their performance properties, quality and consistency, and which are backed by the highest standards of customer service.

In business, the term 'quality' as applied to goods and services means 'fit for the purpose required'. In practice, this means meeting the exact demands and requirements of customers, who may be other companies, governments or private citizens. Pittards' customer is the owner of the brand, who will sell to another company e.g. a sports shop. The sports shop then sells the product to the final consumer.

Here are some ways in which Pittards offers 'quality' to its business partners.

Puma and Adidas require leather that is soft and lightweight enough to offer a high degree of sensitivity and comfort whilst retaining the strength, water resistance and durability demanded by professional footballer's, allowing them to exhibit their skills to the full.

However, they demand more than that. They want not only soft, supple materials, but ones which can combine well with the sophisticated technologies used in the sole of the boot to allow players to grip. Pittards' products are able to meet these rigorous 'performance requirements'.

As a world leading brand, Louis Vuitton demands excellence in manufacturing processes. Pittards supplies the leather, using manufacturing processes that offer superior technical ability, leading edge technology and high quality production.

Camper, a leading Spanish shoe brand, requires leather that is engineered to offer superior comfort, water resistance, breathability and enhanced aesthetics. Pittards is able to meet these requirements.

Pittards also supplies many other manufacturers of leading brands, including Adidas and Timberland.

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